A fair and transparent fee-schedule is important for the client relationship. Therefore, the scope of services necessary for your concerns and the related fees will be discussed in detail.

As far as it is permitted by law different billing methods can be agreed.

Invoices will be sent directly after the respective service has been rendered and include detailed descriptions of the services. In case you have an insurance for legal expenses the invoices can be settled up directly with the insurance as far as the individual topic is covered by the insurance.

Attorney's Tariff
• • Within proceedings in front of courts or official authorities the law on Attorney's Tariff (RATG and/or AHK) will be applied. These calculation methods for attorney's fees can also be applied for individual legal counseling, drafting contracts etc.

Hourly rates
• • For several activities - in particular in detailed and long term counseling or contractual matters - hourly rates can be agreed. Units of each 10 minutes will be invoiced together with a detailed record of the services rendered.

Fixed amount
• • This method of invoicing can be agreed in case the scope of services can be estimated in detail, e.g. for purchase contracts including applications to the land register, tenancy contracts etc.